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Campbellfield Concrete & Mini Mix is a family run business which has operated in Melbourne’s Northern & Western markets for over 40 years. Our years of experience enable us to provide a high standard of products and service to the building and construction industries. We are located in Campbellfield, equipped with a modern computerised batching system. This coupled with our policy of sourcing our raw materials from certified suppliers ensures consistent products at all times. Our fleet of over twenty concrete agitator trucks and professionally trained drivers ensures a high standard of service and customer satisfaction. 

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Pre-mixed Concrete

Being one of the most versatile building materials, concrete is used in many forms of construction in Australia.

Concrete can be used in residential driveways, house foundations, walls, as well as in major infrastructure, including for the foundations of high rise buildings, lift shafts and major roads.

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Exposed Aggregate

Also known as e xposed aggregate, this nicely looking concrete is perfect for outdoor and heavily exposed finished areas that require more grip. 

Giving you a uniform look, with a great indoor-outdoor connection and added safety, exposed concrete isn't just durable but environmentally friendly.

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Enhance the look of your project with polished decorative concrete.

With glossy, mirror-like finish, it’s timeless polished stone look and durability can transform the appearance of any living area, home and outdoor patios.

All our exposed concrete is compatible with many concrete polishing systems for both internal and external applications.

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In this highly competitive world of premixed concrete supply, we pride ourselves on the quality of materials and personalised service, the old school way.

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