About Us

Campbellfield Concrete & Mini-Mix was established in the late 1970’s and is a family owned business with over 40 years of experience, starting from cartage, to running a garden supplies and a small mini-mix business turning that into an independent premixed concrete company located in Campbellfield, supplying to all of the northern and western suburbs and many other nearby areas.

In more than four decades of operation, we are well known as a reliable, independent, quality supplier of premixed concrete for commercial and industrial projects; with builders, contractors, civil engineers, councils and residential use. We supply mixes for a range of projects including but not limited to: footpaths, driveways, re-stumping, stabilised sand, interior and exterior uses.

We provide concrete for all your residential and commercial needs.

Our fleet

We have a fleet of twin-steers, maxi and mini trucks together with a full fleet of transport vehicles. Our transport vehicles can deliver road base, recycled construction materials for civil construction and infrastructure projects. Our trucks can fit into all those hard to reach areas - just specify which truck you need - our minimum order is 0.6m3.

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Our customer care

Our focus on direct customer service makes working with us a very personal and efficient experience. Our sales representative and managers are responsive to your enquiries and provide customised solutions and needs. Our friendly team is what makes Campbellfield Concrete what it is today, we are here 6 days a week to assist with all your concrete needs. Every member of our team owns the relationship with our customers, providing the highest personal care, expertise and guidance.

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Our quality

Our strength is using quality materials, world-class technologies and service platforms to supply a comprehensive range of high-quality concrete for all our mixes.

We provide you with strong and workable cement that is durable and long-lasting, due to maintaining a high outsource of raw materials from our suppliers. 

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