Decorative Concrete

Exposed Concrete

Exposed decorative concrete range is created by removing the surface fines from the concrete resulting in the internal aggregates being exposed highlighting the natural elements of the stone exposed. A sealer is applied to enhance and protect the finished product.

Exposed is ideal for use on outdoor areas, the more heavily exposed finished areas are requiring more grip. It is a hard wearing surface that is a timeless product, a natural slip-resistant outdoor finish.

Giving you a uniform look, with a great indoor-outdoor connection and added safety. Exposed concrete isn't just durable but environmentally friendly as well, with the right care you’re looking at over 10-20 years of life.

One of the most attractive benefits of using exposed concrete is its longevity. 

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Polished Concrete

Enhance the look of your project with Polished decorative concrete. A polished concrete floor has a glossy, mirror-like finish. Its timeless polished stone look and durability can transform the appearance of any living area, home and outdoor patios.

Our exposed concrete is compatible with many concrete polishing systems for both internal and external applications. Polished decorative concrete is an affordable, high quality product created by exposing the aggregates (sand and small stones) in the concrete, which are then honed or polished.

The process of grinding the concrete until it is smooth gives the floors a terrazzo appearance, providing an elegant appearance, durable scratch resistance and low maintenance. It can be placed in almost any shape and honed for either a matte finish or polish to a high sheen.

An increasingly popular way to bring out the unique beauty and depth of the aggregates.

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Why our Decorative Concrete?

High Durability

Extremely strong and resilient.
Withstand the pressure from very heavy
foot traffic and equipment

Life Span

Expect it to last hundreds of years,
even in the harshest environments

Easy to Maintain

Both our exposed and polished
concrete is very easy to maintain

Thermal Shock Resistant

Thermal shock-resistant coatings can be applied to concrete flooring to ensure no deterioration occurs if your floors are subject to high temperatures

Cost effective

Cost effective installation
Low maintenance
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Our concrete flooring doesn't have cracks or crevices on the surface that can trap food, dirt or harbor bacteria.


Our decorative concrete can be sealed with a non-slip epoxy coating to add texture and prevent falls and injuries

Chemical Resistant

Our concrete floors can be sealed with a chemical-resistant epoxy coating to protect them against extreme chemicals (alkalis and acids) and corrosion